If you would like to volunteer, donate or learn more,

you may contact the grant coordinator,

Cathy Kruse -  nourish@mcysb.org

The Nourish program was designed by representatives from key agencies in Montgomery County who are working to address the issue of food insecurity for children and families. In partnership with many churches and organizations, the program provides approximately 500 backpacks each weekend for children who are identified as food insecure. Each child receives food and snacks that will help feed them and their family for the days that they are out of school.

Nourish is mobilizing hundreds of volunteers who pack and deliver the backpacks to schools and pre-schools each week. In the first semester of the program, they have already delivered more than 5,000 backpacks. 

​Nourish is also providing cooking and shopping education classes to the parents of children receiving the backpacks. At these classes, they will learn about nutrition, using foods they may not have tried, healthy snacks and economical shopping. This will help families stretch the money they have available for food farther and allow them to provide more nutritious meals for their families.

School readiness is another component of the program. the focus is on helping children be more prepared for Kindergarten. Classes will be provided for parents that will help teach them activities they can do to help prepare their child to enter school ready to learn.