To become a volunteer for Teen Court, simply contact Jennifer White at 362-0694 ext 114
​ to find out when the next session is!

As a volunteer youth you have the opportunity to act as attorney, juror, clerk, or bailiff in real cases.

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The Montgomery County Teen Court Program serves as a diversionary program to non- violent, first-time offenders ages 9– 17 through informal adjudication and disposition by their peers.


Teen Court provides respondents with a chance to correct and learn from their mistakes and repair the harm that was caused.  Upon successful completion of the program, the  respondent’s offense is “red-lined”; whereupon, the offense is removed from their criminal record.

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Teen Court also reduces the case load of our juvenile courts by doing the trial ourselves. Teen Court focuses on youth empowerment by being youth driven and youth led.  We provide an opportunity for youth to serve the community and themselves through the practice of citizenship, responsibility, integrity, accountability, and empathy.
The Teen Court program affords the respondent the opportunity to serve their community, develop competencies, and alter the community’s perception of youth.  It also allows youth volunteers the opportunity to learn more about the judicial system, as well as teach them the responsibility that comes along with being young adults.